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Have you ever been to place where you feel like you need change? Change the way you are thinking, talking or even maybe change the direction that you are taking. However, you just cannot seem to get past day one or two of the change. Maybe you do not want to change the way you do things, maybe it is that you want to change a job, or change a relationship, that just could be better. Change is not easy sometimes, but it can be rewarding. I have done bookkeeping for over 20 years; it has not been easy making that change from bookkeeper to Life Coach. I may even still doubt my change (every now and then), but then I remember why I wanted to make a change. Change for the better, I love to help people. I had a clear vision and then I set goals from that vision. Proverbs 29:18 (MSG) “If people can’t see what God is doing, they stumble all over themselves; But when they attend to what he reveals, they are most blessed”.

What we all must understand is that our level of success is in direct proportion to what we actually get ourselves to do – what we actually act upon, believe in, are passionate about, and willing to follow through.

Extensive research done at several prestigious universities points to the same conclusion: every person who accomplishes a great deal, and performs at optimum levels, does so by having a clear vision and goal of what they want. Having a clear vision and goal is the hallmark of every form of high achieving.

Dreams, goals, and your own innate potential are useless without having the ability to follow through on them. So, what clear vision do you have for your future, or are your hopes merely a dream?


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I was reading my Bible this morning from Joyce Meyer’s The Everyday Life Bible which has Life Points on the side. After I finished reading Romans 1 I looked over, I started reading the life points afterwards, and this life point just jumped off the page at me, so I decided to share it this morning.

In ministry, I learned to remain confident in God when someone got up and walked out while I was preaching. In the beginning of my ministry, that type of occurrence brought out all of my insecurities and practically destroyed my confidence. Due to a lack of properly understanding God’s Word, some of our friends and family members told me that a woman should not preach the Word of God. I also knew that some people, particularly men, had difficulty receiving the Word from a woman. This was confusing to me because I knew God called me and anointed me to preach His Word. I could not have done it otherwise, but people’s rejection still affected me because I lacked confidence. I had to grow in confidence to the place where people’s opinions and their acceptance or rejection did not alter my confidence level. My confidence had to be in God, not in people. (Meyers, 2006)

When the growth and progress of my ministry seemed painfully slow, I had to practice being consistently confident. It is easier to remain confident when we see progress, but during times of waiting the devil attacks our confidence and attempts to destroy it. We must resist him. (Meyers, 2006)

Have you ever been here before, with lack of confidence? I know I have. Just stepping out and beginning to do this blog take confidence. Stepping out with my Life Coaching took confidence, and now I’m stepping out with doing workshops and that is taking lots of confidence. Having confidence (faith) in God that I know he will never bring me to a place and leave me there.


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